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These Immovable Walls

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These Immovable Walls: Performing Power at Dublin Castle

This exhibition of live performance presents the work of Carey Young, Katerina Šedá, Sandra Johnston, Maurice O’Connell, Philip Napier, Pauline Cummins and Dominic Thorpe. The show focuses on the theme of power and its relationship to performance. Dublin Castle has been the seat of power in the city for much of its 800-year history. In partnering with Office of Public Works, this exhibition of newly commissioned performances will for the first time interrogate Dublin Castle as a public space. (Link)

In Pauline Cummins’ ‘The Spy at the Gate’, she looks at the extravagant consumption by the aristocracy in Ireland in the 18th century. It focuses on Emily, Duchess of Leinster and the mother of Lord Edward Fitzgerald one of the leaders of the 1798 rebellion. Cummins’ work meditates on the birth of a revolutionary from inside the body of the aristocracy.

These Immovable Walls: Performing Power at Dublin Castle is curated by Michelle Browne, with assistant curator Ciara McKeon, and is produced with the support of The Arts Council of Ireland and The OPW.

The performance, ‘The Spy at the Gate’ was in 4 parts and performed with Renee Browne and Sinead Keogh.
Part 1 The Apollo Room, where Emily, Duchess of Leinster, (Cummins), tells about her life and times.
Part 2 The tea party, where the audience provide the soundtrack for Emily’s dancing with their tea spoon and tea cups.
Part 3 The journey through the Castle, led by Keogh and Browne.
Part 4 Lord Edward Fitzgerald (Cummins), Emily’s 5th son, in Saint Werburg’s church the site of his secret burial in June 1798